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The University Library of the Vrije Universiteit has 1.5 million books, of which 220.000 in open stacks.
The rest is kept in storages and is available on demand. In 2005, the library successfully held a small
scaled pilot project with self service and document protection based on VHF RFID technics.

In 2007 the UL was involved in the development of UHF RFID application for libraries. By now, the whole
library is using a Kno-Tech UHF RFID system and all books in open stacks are provided with RFID-tags.
Books from the storage are tagged upon request. Tags are programmed with a dedicated printer that
also prints the code on it. In this way many books can be tagged in a short time.

The library is lending out 90.000 books a year through the self service system. Returns are registered
with RFID working stations. The conventional security gates are replaced by RFID detectors that are
mounted on the ceiling to cover a wider range at broad entrances.

By using RFID the library considerable reduced the staff expenses, while working conditions improved
because the staff is now able to handle more items at once. Last but not least, de- or reactivation of the
alarm doesn’t require a separate action anymore.

Jan-Maarten Pauw
Manager Logistics

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