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Your library identity
No library is alike and neither are its patrons. In close cooperation with graphical designers we developed a wide selection of layouts but we understand that some libraries would like to have their personal touch on self-service and return unit user screens and/or staff station.

Your Library your World your Lay-out
With the Lib-Chip software, we provide you with the freedom to change (user) interfaces, workflow settings, send email-tickets, change texts, backgrounds and colour schemes, lay-outs, font sizes and inserting your own logo. Also Lib-Chip gives you the option to have sound alerts for notifications and/or error types.
The Lib-Chip config-editor gives you the possibility to insert several (over 30) standard exception screens. Furthermore, you can decide to show patron names, patron identifiers, debts and other SIP2 defined fields. Lib-Chip software offers a wide variety of features to help you optimize your library RFID automation. All standard features in the Lib-Chip software.

Library Patron cards
With the Lib-Chip software you can make a choice to have the patron identify him/herself with Barcode cards, Magnetic stripe cards, Belgium- and Estonian EID contact cards, Mifare cards etcetera. This via a single card reader or a combination of readers during a conversion of cards. 

Email notifications
Providing tickets after ending a check-out, check-in or renewal session is not always an optimal solution. Printers run out of paper and/or tickets get lost. In the present digital environment Lib-Chip provides an emailing service which lets you send emails to patrons. Just like it is in case of tickets. In the config- editor tool you simply change the layout of these tickets and decide which information you want on the email that is sent. 

You'll find this email service in our return, exterior, interior and sorting units. An e-mail will notify you when one of your sorters has a full bin. Additionally, you can also receive emails when reserved items or other items which require special attention are returned. In this way, you are always up-to-date and can make sure that you remain in control of your library logistics.

  • The Lib-Chip software is fully Unicode.  
  • Unicode provides a unique number for every character.
  • No matter what the platform.
  • No matter what the program.
  • No matter what the language.
  • Central configuration.
Ofcourse we assist you with the installation of all the software and settings, explain the exceptions etcetera. With our personal assistance and manual, everything is easy to configure. Another advantage of the Lib-Chip config editor software is that you are able to configure and monitor the Lib-Chip software centrally. So no running around with memory cards to copy and paste files! Via this way you and or your staff are up-to-date whenever you like!

One platform, multiple solutions
As the RFID technology and requests from libraries do never ends Lib-Chip does have regularly software updates. Lib-Chip software works with only one platform so newly added functionalities can be available immediately for all Lib-Chip software users. 

Features and settings
All these settings and features are just a small part of the many possibilities we offer. If you would like to know more, please contact us or our local Lib-Chip business partner. Lib-Chip supports the  LMS protocols SIP2 / NCIP further all specifications are subject can change without notice.

The Lib-Chip software is stable, reliable and unique and offers you, as the only supplier in the world, a reliable RFID single or stack RFID processing.

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