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The Tunnel reader has been especially developed for identification of large amounts of library material in a quick and accurate way! With the tunnel reader it is possible to check in and /or check out large amounts of library material with a minimum of staff handling.   
This makes it ideal for new acquisitions, variable collections and optimizes logistics.  

Result: Time profit.

Using the Tunnel Reader there is less load on the library staff resulting in a reduction of injuries caused by repetitive actions. Materials can be offered in crates and/or boxes.  During transport through the tunnel, all material will be identified by the Lib-Chip tunnel software. The software also provides a possibility to check which items are in a crate/box and can, if wished, set or clear the EAS bits of the RFID labels used for security purposes. The objects are shown in a list with the correct id-number and title. If necessary these lists can easily be transferred to other programs, for example, Microsoft® Excel® or Acces®. The Tunnel Reader is mounted on wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

Tunnel Reader 


  • Reduces physical labour
  • Optimise logistics
  • Reduction of time and costs
  • Easy to transport
  • Flexible in use
  • Removes items from the database in bulk
  • Ideal for the Check-in/out of large amounts 

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