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24h Exterior Patron Return Station
Provide patron return access 24 hours a day – independent of library hours!

Outside Return Unit
Vandal- and weather durable outside return can be used for all library material 24 hours a day and independent of opening hours from the library! 

The polyester housing has been reinforced with kevlar and thereby very vandalism-durable. The polyester return housing offers a lot of options and thereby simply extendable. The options, called below, can be easily introduced in the future.

The housing can be integrated in an existing (interior/exterior) wall, the advantage of the exterior return is that users can return their material also outside visiting hours of the library.
  • Compatible with integrated library systems via SIP-2 or NCIP protocols by the Lib-Chip Software.
  • User-friendly
  • Multiple languages available
  • Easily retrieved and viewed statistics by the Lib-Chip Software
  • Allows staff to view information online, statistics
  • Prints list of received reserves, optional via the Lib-Chip Software (If desired an extra printer can be integrated which automatically hands out a reservation list.)
  • Evening, weekend and extended holiday settings ensure the system has the flexibility to handle unattended time periods
  • Automatic error detection
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance
  • An offline function is available should the network or library program not be available
Working method
If material provided with RFID label, is offered, the return unit will unlock and open automatically it selves. Users can drop their material in the opening and the material will roll over soft synthetic rolls for gentle material handling to a sorting unit or will fall direct in book bin with spring bottom.

When the return session is finished the return unit will close and lock automatically. The working method is very simple for the user and wheelchair accessible.

Options for outside return
As mentioned there are several options available for the outside return unit, these options can also be implemented at a later stage (except for the choice of colour)!
  • Housing in a different RAL colour than RAL 7035
  • Additional Lib-Chip software licence which makes a customer-friendly service forreturn possible. The return process is clearly and clear reflected by means of a graphicinterface, alternative language choices can be set up individually. The Lib-Chip software in combination with the reader/writer will recognise handed material and processes these direct in library database software
  • Monitor in several sizes, we advice a sunlight redundant screen
  • Kiosk printer with large paper rolls

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