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Checking in library material can be done via our staff station, sorting systems and/or self-service stations. Many customers asked us, for instance due to their library lay-out, how they could improve  the returning process in their library. The Lib-Chip R&D team developed a solution that is only designed for a quick and secure check-in! 

Returning a library item does not take more than a split second.
It’s just placing the material in the Smart Shelve!

The Smart Shelve is placed near the entrance of your library and is an innovative bookcase where library visitors can return their library material themselves.  The shelves do have “Smart” antennas and electronics. In combination with our installed Lib-Chip software all shelves are scant automatically and continuously. Trough this continuous scanning, materials that do have a RFID chip, and placed on the shelve, will be identified and checked-in fully automatic in your LMS. And as soon as the material is checked in the security is automatically switched on so if somebody takes the item from the Smart Shelve after it has been returned, the Lib-Chip security system will trigger an alarm.

Optional for the smart Shelve is a stylish info kiosk with integrated LCD touch-screen that shows information about the return process. Obviously a ticket printer can be added.

One kiosk can handle 2 smart shelves at once. When the Smart Shelve (nearly) full you can disconnect the unit via an easy plug and play connection. Smart Shelves can be connected and disconnected in a split second. After you disconnected the (nearly) full Smart Shelve you can move it to the shelves or make it available in the ‘just-returned’ section from your library. Libraries that move their full Smart Shelve to a ‘just-returned’ section, see that mare than 20% of all material returned are checked-out on the same day. So you improve your service and have less work. 

All Smart shelves are supplied with Lib-Chip Smart Shelve software.
♦ Frequency : 13.56 MHz, Communications : SIP2, Connections : 230V & Ethernet.
  • Multilingual touch-screen, full Unicode
  • Proven ergonomics
  • Universal LMS compatibility
  • No moving parts
  • Robust due the use off industrial material
  • Centrally configurable
  • Fully compatible with all Lib-Chip products
  • Remote service
  • Future conformance assured


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