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So easy to use, it’s child’s play

The Lib-Chip RFID self-service station for library patrons, provides the friendliest and most comprehensively effective RFID self-serve station available. With software and ergonomic design perfected through an international client base of experience, the Lib-Chip self-service station makes the tasks of issuing, returns, and all manner of patron enquiries, easy, quick and sure. 

Our self-service units distinguish themselves from other systems because of the modular construction. As design, we can fully tune the self service units into your library interior. Besides user's comfort, we have, of course, thought about the ergonomic supplies.

The self service consists of a card reader* to identify the borrower, a low power consumption RFID reader which recognizes the material, a touch screen for interaction with the user during the library self-service procedure, and a printer to print the receipt. Off course we can send a e- mail notification instead of printing a ticket.

The Lib-Chip self-service units can function as a check-in, check-out or combination station. Also the renew and information features are standard available, in the Lib-Chip software, for you.

So easy to use

  1. Place your book
  2. Scan your member card
  3. Press ticket or e-mail
  1. Place your book
  2. Press ticket or e-mail
It’s child’s play

Our self-serve stations provide library users with an important sense of increased autonomy, responsibility and freedom. Lib-Chip RFID self-service stations actively promote a greater sense of patron involvement, and positively encourage increased and responsible use of library and learning centres resources.

Providing universal compatibility with all SIP2 conforming library management systems, the Lib-Chip self-service station, through dedicated support of international standards, provides complete assurance on your library’s compatibility with future RFID developments.
  • Our self-serve stations deal with several card readers such as RFID, barcodes, magnetic swipe, Belgium and Estonian EID, and many more!
  • Multilingual touch-screen, full Unicode
  • Proven ergonomics
  • Universal LMS compatibility
  • No moving parts
  • Robust due the use off industrial material
  • Centrally configurable
  • Fully compatible with all Lib-Chip products
  • Remote service
  • Future conformance assured
For more software information see Lib-Chip software!

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