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Lib-Chip’s RFID (portable) RFID conversion station provides the easiest quickest and most user friendly means of converting library media to RFID. With software and ergonomic design perfected through international client base experience, the Lib-Chip RFID conversion station makes the tasks of conversion easy, quick and sure.

With its high quality touch-sensitive screen, optical bar code scanner and super-fast RFID read/write pad, this station quickly reads the barcode information on existing library stock, and effortlessly writes the new RFID tag.

Quick and secure programming and reprogramming of RFID tags can be achieved with the absolute minimum of fuss.
This smart, wheeled, self contained unit is easily moved to the places you need it, so there is no need to haul book stock away from the shelves to carry out RFID conversion.

With this Lib-Chip mobile unit you can carry out the conversion process quickly and easily, where it is most efficient to do so -- immediately next to your library’s book shelves.

This neat, self-contained mobile unit converts stock to RFID and simultaneously identifies and corrects historical identity data and filing errors. 

The Lib-Chip conversion station can be extended with a special RFID printer and/or programmer.
Our dedicated support and international standards (datamodels), provides complete assurance on your library’s compatibility with future RFID developments.


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